1. Excellence in Water Management

  • This category recognises the industry / institute that has demonstrated an outstanding step-change in performance improvement in water management and played a significant role through implementation of innovative technologies and best practices for water conservation and thus ensuring water sustainability.
  • Category Coverage
    • Innovation in water management
    • Level of adoption of technologies
    • Equipment used to save water
    • Measurable reduction in water use
    • Adoption of rainwater harvesting
    • Artificial groundwater recharge mechanism or use it in industrial processes
    • Wastewater treatment for recycling (including ETP) and its use.
    • Implementation of desalination project (optional) and its details
    • Awareness creation on water related issues amongst their supply chain and employees.
    • Impact of awareness created among the community
    • Creation of water bodies and use it in industrial processes
    • Transparency measures / water audits and voluntary disclosures; and
    • Tangible and intangible benefits
    • Replicability and scalability

2. Rainwater Harvesting Practices

  • The Industry / Organization / Institute played a significant role in water conservation through groundwater recharge implementing innovative and sustainable rainwater harvesting models.
  • Category Coverage
    • Catchment areas
    • Amount of water collection (3 years data)
    • Technology adoption.
    • Replicability
    • Tangible and intangible benefits
    • Sustainability of the project

3. Innovative Water Management Initiatives including Digital/Technology adoption

  • Any organisation engaged in manufacturing water efficient product or equipment, or technology are eligible to apply for this category.
  • The project should be innovative and adopted the state-of-the-art technology in conserving or managing water. The product / technology should have been in use for at least a period of three years.
  • Category Coverage
    • Technical efficiency in water management.
    • Innovation in comparison to similar products
    • Impact of the product; and
    • Replicability and economic viability
    • Digital use

4. Excellence in Desalination Project

  • Desalination project implemented by an Industry / Institute as an alternative to handle water crisis.
  • Category Coverage
    • Level of innovation with products and technologies
    • Water reuse, and zero liquid discharge
    • Customer value
    • Market penetration
    • Environmental consciousness
    • Effective management of existing product portfolio

5. Best CSR in Water Management

  • A CSR project by an industry / institute / NGO for ensuring water sustainability through water conservation, recycle and reuse for the community and stakeholders, are eligible to apply to this category. The category aims to recognise the organisation that basically give back to the society.
  • Category Coverage
    • Policy for protection of natural resources
    • Purpose of the project
    • Involvement of communities in the programme
    • Environmental benefits created
    • Tangible and intangible socio-economic benefits created
    • Sustainability of the project; and
    • Innovation / technology / equipment used to save water

6. Water Body Restoration Project

  • Project implemented on restoration of water bodies or creation of new water bodies for public or for their own use.
  • Category Coverage
    • Adoption of Cleaner technologies including ZLD
    • Upgradation of existing CETPs/ETPs, PETP Standards
    • Environmental consciousness
    • Greenery development
    • Level of innovation with products and technologies
    • Impact of the project
    • Sustainability of the project

Fees Structure

Scale CII Member Non-Member
Large Scale Rs. 12000 + 18% GST/category Rs. 15000 + 18% GST/ category
Medium Scale Rs. 8000 + 18% GST/category Rs. 10000 + 18% GST/category
Small Scale Rs. 5000 + 18% GST/category Rs. 7000 + 18% GST/category

Payment Details

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